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BlockGen is a fintech startup in the rapidly evolving mortgage technology industry. The company is currently launching a next generation loan pricing, underwriting and decisioning engine called LoanPASS. The company’s unique self-service platform allows for rapid execution and configuration of complex business rules providing lender control over mission critical processes. While the rules engine was designed to handle the complexities of prime mortgage, it was architected to automate any lending product such as NQM, auto, commercial real estate and personal loans making it ideal for banks and credit unions to digitally streamline all their lending verticals.

The LoanPASS system was built on a modern engineering framework and cloud computing architecture often referred to as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The application was built with an eye towards the future and uses cutting edge technologies (Rust) as its back-end programming language allowing complex investor pricing decisions to be rendered in less than a second. LoanPASS is a true cloud-based tool that empowers mortgage investors and lenders with unparalleled control over loan product, pricing, stipulations and underwriting decision output. Importantly, the platform does not require developer support staff or programming skills and eliminates the need to outsource this critical function to a 3rd party service provider. The LoanPASS technology platform is industrial strength and was designed with an emphasis for speed, flexibility, ease-of-use and accuracy. This highly innovative solution is a first of its kind in the lending industry and was built to disrupt the mortgage industry’s 3rd party service model.

BlockGen is also developing a highly unique identity management platform using private key cryptography, the blockchain and a private key recovery system incorporating the company’s patented Entropic Threshold Meter, a client side application used during the private key set-up process (patent no. 10,819,522 B1).

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